Racist customers


One of my coworkers is Asian. She has an accent but speaks English perfectly fine.

The other day she was on a call and the woman started yelling at her and demanding a manager. I’m a supervisor so I went and took the call. She said she was unhappy with the service and the staff member wasn’t helpful. I asked her what she needed to know and then I told her all the same things the staff member told her and she was completely fine.

Then she went into the real reason she was upset. “You shouldn’t hire people with accents. It’s too hard to understand them. You really need to consider that and only hire people who speak English”.

I told her she does speak English. And not hiring an otherwise capable person just because they have an accent is literally discrimination and illegal. I said I could always review the call in case there was a genuine problem (which I didn’t because I know there wasn’t). That seemed to be enough to shut her up and she didn’t argue.


What do you think?

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