Customer wants another phone, curses me for not giving them another


Hello everyone.

I work in a telecommunications company as a customer support agent where there are some specific contracts that they give you free mobile devices and once you get it and open it you cannot return it. So one day a customer calls and says that they did this contract and received two mobile phones, 2 Samsung devices. She had the option to choose Samsung or Xiaomi and she chose Samsung for a change. She called because she wanted to change the devices to the Xiaomi she was offered for two reasons, 1 because the Samsung devices don’t have chargers and 2 because they were ‘Made in Vietnam’ and she wanted them to be ‘Made in China’. I asked her if she had used them and she said “Yes of course, how would I try them and see if they are good devices?”. My response to that was that she cannot change them to the Xiaomi devices because she has already used them and that is also written in her contract. And for the chargers it is not something we can fix since the devices are already sealed and the company that made the phones is responsible for that. Well she didn’t like my answer and she started to make me change my mind about that by saying “But no one informed us that they wouldn’t have a charger” and “But I want the other phones, can we just change the one and not both? My husband will keep his, just change mine.”

I kept telling her the same thing, that since she used them we cannot change them and if she doesn’t already have a compatible charger she will have to buy one. After a few back and forth she saw red and started swearing at me personally with every insult she could say before I ended the call. There are many people that insult the company but she was the first that insulted me for something that was in her contract and she should have read it before signing it and picking the devices.


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