Today I avoided a call.


I work for a bank from home in their fraud department. I deal mainly with fraudulent charges and filing claims to get money back.

Today I had someone call in for a billing dispute, which is different from fraud because they themselves provided this info to whoever is charging them.

They’re calling from the bank, so they’re already fully verified. I know for a fact bankers can file disputes, this woman did not feel like doing that, so she called me.

The first charge I see is processing, so I immediately know we can’t dispute that one, but I ask for prior charges.

This man was paying for this subscription for over a year. Its6 international, and never the same amount because of variations from USD to whichever country the merchant is based in. That’s annoying because for every different amount we need to file a different claim.

Since 2022. Over a fucking year of charges. She wanted me to spend the HOUR it would have taken to file the 20+ claims it would have taken to get this taken care of.

I ask why he hadn’t reported this at any point before today, she tells me that he didnt know he could. I call bullshit.

Dont get me wrong. A billing dispute is run of the mill. Sometimes we have to file 2 or 3 claims because the merchants are little bastards and skirt the stop payment by charging for different amounts.

But you’re seriously sitting there and telling me you didn’t know you could do or say anything about this? For over a year? It never crossed your mind one single time to say a fucking word?

Got me fucked up. So I logged into my ISP app and restarted my wifi. Dropped the call and am now having system issues, totally worth it because I’m not about to appease that shit. My job is to protect accounts, not appease your stupidity.


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