Hello, this is Abercrombie Pecandocker


Many years ago I worked at a telesurvey company. We had to start the call with “Hello this is X” where X didn’t have to be your real name, it just had to be some name. Well, on a 8 hour shift I decided that every call, I’d introduce myself as a new name that hadn’t been used yet that day.

I told my colleague-friends. In the seconds between calls we all enjoyed how I was Alex, John, George, Tim, Steve…

It started smooth but yikes, this game starts to get tough. Those beeps kept coming in, I’d barely introduce myself, get hung up on, then beep, time for another intro and another name.

One of the last and most desperate names I used:

> “Hello, this is Abercrombie Pecandocker from … We’re doing a survey on … do you have a few minutes?”

> “… Uhhhh. (long pause) No.”

That’s it. Fun story, fun memory. I thought folks here might enjoy.


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