First “Go eff yourself” of the week!


It’s Monday. Busiest day of the week. Over the weekend this customer decided to place an order. Our delivery system is very specific where packages can only go to the service address listed. This hasn’t changed once in the years my company has been active. A member of our sales team however got it in this person’s head we can change the address. A lead also reached out to the deliverer who had to decline the request.
Customer calling all morning, everyone else since has been saying the same thing, going by business rules. “Killing them with kindness” only goes so far. After them complaining more, I assured them their package will arrive to the proper address as scheduled. “Thank you for your time and have a great day” was responded to with “Go f*&@ yourself Steven!” with a quick disconnect click and can’t help but to laugh sometimes.
Edit: Update: this customer also told me “If I don’t get a call back it’ll back it’ll be your head!” The contact number on the callback ticket didn’t work. It was immediately closed as there was “no wrong doing.”
They were livid before with me, I can’t imagine how they’ll react next when they find out.


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It’s Monday!

Customer wants another phone, curses me for not giving them another