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wealthy dismissive person.

WDP. I’m calling in regarding the form I received. me. Ok, what action are you wanting to take? WDP. The action I’m taking is calling you. me. Ok. WDP. I want to secure medical coverage for my dependents. for this year. me. Alright,

Anything sooner?

M: MeC: Customer M: Allright, ma'am, the first opening that we have is on Feb XX at 2pm or 2:30pm C: Don't you have anything earlier? M: ..No, ma'am. C: Don't you have anything sooner for January? M: ... again ma'am, we do not. ​ I mean,

New phone, who dis?

Sitting here on a busy day, 20 min hold time, call comes in and I spit out the greeting and my man says "I don't need anything, but can you hang up on me? I got a new phone and I don't know how to disconnect the call." Dude been on hold for