I’m burned out of empathy


I’m so good at relating to my customers, I feel like I’m getting pigeon-holed into taking complicated/escalated/bungled cases. It’s EXHAUSTING being told “Midwest, you’re the first person who has been kind and helpful” when I’m doing what I consider the basics.

All I do is call a customer, recap the previous agent’s notes, ask additional questions or try different troubleshooting steps. Being so kind and helpful means I get to inherit a lot of issues I can’t fix, but still need to address and delegate because I’m so solid in my communication skills. IT SUCKS!

I’m held to Tier 1 metrics and pay grade with Tier 2 cases. This creates extra work for me with no measurable metric. I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. We’re getting middle managed to death. I need to get in a non-customer-facing role before I snap like a Pocky.


What do you think?

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But you didn’t tell me I had to open my mail!

Straight up told a customer to stop being entitled and she drops the call.