Straight up told a customer to stop being entitled and she drops the call.


The queue today was really upto the mark where we were not getting a single second to do anything and people were doing backlogs where we are all being forced to keep taking calls and document the notes of the previous call on a different call.

I was also in the same boat today and in the last hour comes a customer who cannot login to their account due to it saying wrong password. I ask them first if they are sure they are using the right password to which she replied yes. Well, perfect. I then take the benefit of doubt and inform her sometimes we fat finger and press another key and the password becomes wrong so I sent her a password reset mail and ask to reset password and write it somewhere for reference. She immediately goes off on me why she should do that as it is “our mistake” (?) I told her to have the benefit of doubt and change the password to check and if it’s successful she can change again to old password which I will assist with. Suddenly I’m the bad person for taking her on this long and tedious process and not helping her the right way and making it more difficult for her. I’ve had enough and straight up told her to stop being so entitled and that I am genuinely trying to help here but it’s not my fault she thinks it’s a tedious process. That’s her own mentality regarding the process but the process itself is the correct way.

She immediately drops the call as soon as I tell her the last part and I take another last call and end my shift but still sit 20 minutes extra wrapping up 7 backlog calls.

Sometimes these people needs to be put in line and reminded just because they have the contract of free help doesn’t mean they can go shoot around what they want to. Basic human respect is a thing.


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