But you didn’t tell me I had to open my mail!


I swear I am not making this up. I wish I was. This happened several months ago but I still haven’t forgotten it.

Customer forgot to pay her bill. We sent her a disconnect notice. She doesn’t pay. She gets disconnected. She calls and pays, and wants to file a complaint.

This is where I come in. The request to complain is sent to me and I dutifully call her back, as I do callbacks for escalated calls or complex calls that require more research.

When I call her back she was very upset she was disconnected. She had a plethora of reasons why it is dangerous/illegal/unethical/etc. to disconnect her, and how dare we do so without notification.

“Well, Ms. Customer, I see we did send you a disconnect notice on this specific date here. It was mailed to this specific address here. Is that the correct mailing address? I can update it if we need to do that, we want to make sure you get your notifications.”

“No, I received it. It’s on my counter.”
“Well, Ms. Customer, as you see we did send you notification of the status of the account.”

“Well I didn’t read it.”

“Yes ma’am I understand, life can get crazy sometimes. However we did our best to reach out and let you know the status of your account.”

“Well you need to TELL people if you expect them to open mail! I was not notified because I didn’t read it! You can’t expect people to read their mail.”


I swear this was a real conversation. It still blows my mind. She wasn’t young or elderly, she was late middle age. And she never did back down from her complaint that we cannot expect people to read their mail. And she was never really rude or condescending. She genuinely sounded troubled by our lack of effort in contacting her, and genuinely surprised I was confused as to why she did not look at her mail.



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