Customer called to start a complaint against a driver for ……. not breaking the law.


Happened about 2 weeks ago or so. Customers called in requesting a customer service representative (currently the only with those powers being our manager). Told her she is not in the office but I can still start a complaint and CS will look over and give their verdict.

She is very angry telling how the driver was sitting in traffic and refused to go to the empty lane besides him ( what she didn’t tell me was that it was the bus lane, which puts the driver at risk of getting infractions on their license ), and literally had wasted her time by not switching lanes. I should also note that it’s in the drivers interest to get the trip as soon as possible since they get paid the same fare no matter how much they sat in traffic

I get her reservation number and see the reservation that she had done with us, I see a complaint was already started and our drivers’ relations manager already answered saying that he spoke with the driver and the driver stated that he told the passenger about the fact that it’s illegal to travel in the bus lane and he is risking points on his license.

I inform the passenger about the resolution and explain to her that we won’t have a driver break the law for her. In the end she gets mad telling me that it wasn’t a bus lane, I tell her ill update the complaint and management will review it and so I did and had a fun laugh with our dispatcher about how someone could be so arrogant and want the driver reprimanded for NOT BREAKING THE LAW. Even if she did really believe that that was not the bus lane im very confused as how someone could come to that conclusion as it was very clearly in her description that and the driver even informed her about that.



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