I don’t agree to your terms and conditions but I still want to use your app, just let me use it!


After reading /u/kuriouskittyn story of a ridiculous woman who couldnt be bothered to actually open her mail, i was reminded about my own ridiculous customer story, it became so long that i decided to make my own thread, his story:

But you didn’t tell me I had to open my mail!
byu/kuriouskittyn intalesfromcallcenters

My company uses an app to notify people (or by mail, if you chose that but that’s not relevant here) and one guy calls. Now don’t get me wrong, I think my company’s app sucks in multiple ways, its layout can be very confusing and lots of customers just call to ask how to find stuff.

However one stands out:

“hello, I cant open your stupid app to see my bills!”

“okay sir, lets go through the process, what happens when you open the app? Is there an error you see?”

“it says something about accepting terms and conditions!”

“yes sir, the law requires us to be upfront with you, that is why you must click the “accepting the terms and conditions in order to log in and use the app, you can easily click on it and read them too if you so desire.”

” I dont want to do that! You will just have to let me in the app without me agreeing to that!! I’m not **just** gonna agree to something!”

“sir you can just read it if you click on it and also if you don’t agree you can als-”

*first interruption*

“I don’t want to click on it, and i also don’t agree with it, so you just better let me use it without accepting your stupid terms!”

“okay sir, sadly i cannot do that for you (interruption 2, he starts talking over me here, not listening to me), I can also set your account that you get it by mail to your adres, so you just get letters instead”

*he begins to talk over me and says he doesn’t agree and wants to use it, so i should just magically “fix” it for him. As if I just have a button that lets him in magically.*

me eventually deciding this been going on long enough, talk back through him while he also was talking through me:

“sir, i already told you that you have to agree to the terms in order to use it, and so this conversation is not productive anymore so hereby i must disconnect the call”

*me hangs up.*


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That’s one way to clear the queue

But you didn’t tell me I had to open my mail!