I took a week off work and I’m regretting even considering it.


Let’s cut to the chase,
– Hired as a claims adjuster
– promoted a year later to a “team lead” (basically supervisor with a minimal pay increase)

Needed a week off of work so I took it. Logging in customer service team broomed about everything they could. My manager basically responded to them saying that he was just too busy to help them at all. Customers angry, disputing things that hold no argument..just being sent to my voicemail. No organization whatsoever.

I understand issues I can fix, but it’s getting worse. I’m lesser paid, I handle more..I’m getting tired of it. Looking into other jobs outside of this field as soon as possible.

I also just logged in, and it’s already starting. Not sure how I’m going to be able to keep my cool.

Wish me luck! Lol


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