Anxiety getting the better of me working in a call centre


I’ve recently started working at an insurance company as a case handler roughly 3 and a half months ago. I decided to join the company because I heard many good things about them and I wanted something I could progress in.

I’m so slow at what I do at the moment, it takes me ages to navigate to make sure what I’m doing is right. I’ve had a few angry customers and when I get them it really upsets me and knocks my confidence. I’ve noticed I seem to be edge more and I dread being on calls. I’ve recently had annual leave which honestly felt amazing. But as soon as I was back to work I noticed feelings of dread. My workload just keeps piling up and being on calls really flares up my anxiety. I don’t know what to do. I want to keep going and see where this takes me, see if I am able to move into something where I don’t have to talk to customers or I leave but I feel if I leave I’ll feel like a failure because I never gave it a proper chance.

My team leader is lovely and understands that I suffer from anxiety

It’s really eating away at me at the moment and I don’t want to keep feeling like this. This is my first job in a call centre so I had no idea what to expect before I got the job. I just need some advice please


What do you think?

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