Expired Financial Planning


I work for a credit union, and our main appeal is that we are very small. That means a lot of personal service, familiarity with customers, and making customers feel like they really matter. I just started working in our 6-person call center, and I immediately noticed that theres a lot of customers resisting the growth of our company. No matter how much I try to walk them through online banking or navigating our phone system, the common complaint is, “I used to just walk in and someone would take care of this! Why can’t I do that anymore? That’s why I opened my account!”

Today a customer called to set up an appointment with a financial consultant to start a business. We don’t provide that service directly, but have a third party company offer free classes, followed by creating a business plan with a consultant. I gave this woman the number, and she became immediately irate.

“NO! They don’t know anything! I already took the class *there* and the consultant works for your credit union, not these people! I want to sit down with someone *there!*”

I explained that while we are affiliated with the company, the classes aren’t done here, and she replied, “No offense, but you’re new. I *did* do the class right there in your building in 1980, and now I’m ready for the next step in my business, and I need to talk to the consultant!”

I didn’t even know how to respond. Sis, your 43 year old business class is obsolete. Your consultant is probably retired. If you haven’t started your business in 43 years, that’s probably not your destiny.

I reiterated the correct phone number and she swore at me before hanging up.


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