Customer directly verbally abused me


Good morning everyone happy fri-yay.

I had a customer that woke up on the wrong side of the crap shoot today .

Crazy bitch was calling in for an issue with her auto pay. She stated that she had updated it in our system and it didn’t update and how we were being fraudulent for a changing it in our system and we aren’t allowed to do that as it’s illegal.

After I finally understood why she was calling in because she was using words that didn’t make any sense and frantically yelling. I told her we wouldn’t do that it just never updated and you never updated it completely in the system… I was trying to explain sometimes that happens and she would need to try again. As she decided to blatantly call me a fucking bitch.

She called me a fucking bitch three times before I flat out said where are your manners that is incredibly rude and inappropriate to be speaking to someone like that you need to stop.

She called me a fucking bitch again and I told her OK if you’re gonna keep talking to me like that I am going to disconnect this call and she thought I said no you’re not you fucking bitch if you do I’ll kill you so I said good luck. I’m disconnecting this call because you are abusive goodbye.

I am over it, why the fuck do people think talking to us like that gets them anywhere.


What do you think?

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