Agent on the escalation team calls me, a customer-facing front line agent, for instructions on how to do her job.


So this one happened yesterday. For background, I work for a major car manufacturer’s rewards and credit card earnings program. I am customer-facing, and do not handle weird situations that require escalation. In the situation of two accounts needing to be merged, if, for whatever reason, I’m unable to do it myself, I escalate to the escalation team. We do have floor support agents that help us with what to do in weird situations. We also have supervisors to help us if needed.

One such agent called me. Said agent will be referred to as A from here on out. I give my usual intro, you know how it is.

A: hi, so I’m A with the offline team and I’ve got some questions for you.

Me: uhhhh… okay?

A: okay, so how do I merge this account? It’s giving me an error.

(I then give her instructions on how to merge the account)

A: so the instructions on the document I have are incorrect? Should I submit that feedback?

Me: I guess? This is just how I was instructed to do things. I’m not with the offline team and don’t have any information on how you guys do things.

A: okay so it’s still giving me an error

(I walk her through the merging process)

A: it worked, thanks! So we got the accounts merged, and you told me the documents I have are inaccurate. Is that correct?

Me: I guess…

A: okay, thanks!

She was nice enough, but like… lady, this is your job. Why are you calling me to ask me how to do your job? Our jobs are entirely different


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I don’t know what to do? Call another supervisor I guess????

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