Customer threatened to assault someone.


So, technically they said that “her and her son will go take care of that guy at the repair facility”

I work for an extended automotive warranty company and I’m the guy that fills in for the lack of a “supervisor” as a Team Lead. Basically same deal for less money.

We approved a claim in May, then now she’s telling us that part failed again and that “we” authorized a junkyard part (its aftermarket but she’s sold on her own opinion) and after advising her that it has its own warranty now through that shop, she just won’t hear it. States they’ve blocked her number and won’t work with her. So, we decided to give the benefit of the doubt and entertain it until my management team ultimately decided against assisting the customer.

I called that shop and they told me all I wanted to hear. She’s difficult, they told her it was under warranty but she wouldn’t schedule time to return, etc.

Well..this lady, on recorded line I may add, basically told me a few things. Her nephew just died, she has stomach cancer, she has no money and it was her birthday Sunday..

And to top it off, she tells me (furious) that she’s gonna go to that facility and basically assault the service advisor. Her wording was.. not exact to that.

Now I’ve had some bad situations happen before. Ex army vet met his aggregate on the policy and we paid for a portion of the engine, told me he was gonna off himself..that hit me pretty hard, but I know to separate from the job when I’m off. My customer service reps don’t really have this issue because they send everything to me.

But this? I feel inclined to pull the call and send it to her local police department..sheesh.


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