The Book Thief


Call center for a public transit agency.

Call comes in, I rattle off the spiel.

Caller: “Someone is stealing my books.”

Reminder, I’m in a public transit agency, this call center exists to provide bus and train schedules. So…”Someone is stealing my books” immediately tells me it must be phone privilege day at the asylum and nothing from here on out is going to make sense. I simply reply, “Indeed.”

“It’s the bus drivers.”

“Bus drivers are stealing your books.”

“Yes. They’re coming into my house and stealing them. I know it’s the bus drivers because I only ever find my books when I ride the bus.”

“Indeed. You’ll have to speak with Passenger Services, they open tomorrow at 8. Anything further I can assist with at this time no ok thank and have a great day.”

It occurred to me to tap into the Lost & Found reports to see how many people have reported books being lost/stolen on the bus because I’m now pretty sure we know why and who took them.


What do you think?

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Customer threatened to assault someone.