Hung up mid-call for the first time, will be leaving the call center finally in a week and a half.


A tiny bit of a rant I suppose. Oh lordy. So today, I’m having a rough mental health day, as this soul-sucking job has drained almost every inkling of liveliness and happiness I once had in me. Anywhore, towards the end of my day, this angry guy with a thick Nigerian accent calls in, and immediately starts by yelling incomprehensibly into the phone. I tell him to please keep the tone professional so I can properly assist him, and then he start popping off about how angry he is that his refund is being mailed by check (which is the only method of refund my company does) and that he won’t be receiving it for 10 to 15 days. Turns out the begrudging bloke spelled his name wrong when he had to fill out the information for the check to be mailed, so I’m the unfortunate soul who has to inform him he will be mailed a new check that will take another 10 days. At this point, the dude lets out a full-on warrior cry scream, before I’m barraged with a plethora of cusswords. At the second scream, I’ve had enough, decide to not initiate his refund, and hang up the phone mid-scream. Unapologetically. I am so beyond stoked to get the hell out of this job, and to move into better and bigger things. Call center work is not for the weak, and quite a thankless job. I’ll be merchandising coolers while I’m between jobs to make enough to get by, and the temporary low income is very much worth saving my mental health, becoming happy again, ans returning to the person I once was.

BIG THICC UPDATE: As of today, my old job I loved has offered to take me back in!! I also have been offered a good-paying RV sales job. I get to quit this shithole in just a few days, sooner than expected!!


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