Sorry, we aren’t bookkeepers


Big box retail call center here.

Today I took a call from a customer inquiring about receipts. Our policy is, we can email your receipt to you from the last 90 days. We can go up to four years if it’s related to a warranty claim.

This guy, was asking if we could send him several years worth of receipts. Drumroll…….he needs his receipts because of a IRS audit and he had wrote the supplies off as a business expense.

He was shocked that I couldn’t just look all them up and send them to him and he kept repeating the question, in slightly different ways. I of course kept telling him, we can only send the last 90 days. I was more shocked that he has a business, but does such shoddy bookkeeping.

At least he didn’t get nasty about it, (I’ve had other callers with the same issue, get really nasty).



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