You want to talk to a who now? Good luck!


In my days as a baby call center rep, it was a certainty that I would wind up on the shifts that would lead to the more unhinged callers–closing shifts, Saturdays, and closing shifts on Saturdays. Those last gave some real oddballs, including this guy, who is one of the perhaps three times over twelve years I wound up talking to the same person twice.

Now, do I recall what the true reason for his call was? No, no, I don’t, because I don’t think I ever got that far with him the first time around before he threw a fit and hung up the phone. That isn’t the good part though. We had no queue at the time, and slow enough that there was a chance I could make it to the queue closing without another call.

And then comes the BEEP. Damn. So I start my greeting spiel, and am quickly interrupted with this nugget:


If I didn’t recognize the voice, I sure recognized that it was That Guy because his info actually made it from the IVR to my screen. And, well, he wants a manager, so, I called my manager. One of two in my side of the building that were on duty.

My manager was white, but she definitely wasn’t male. And if he hadn’t made that specific request she probably would have tried to pawn the call off on the other manager. But sometimes, you get a chance to piss someone off by existing and she went for it. So I bridge the call. Introduce her. He starts losing his mind. So I drop off, and watch her face as she is getting berated by this guy. And, lo and behold, he wants to talk to HER manager now. I guess he thought he was gonna get to the man in charge.

But alas, the Manager’s manager was also not a man.

From here, it becomes harder to tell exactly what transpired, but from what I gather, he was still none too pleased, and wanted to push the matter–still unclear what it was–to the next level of management. Well, a second-level manager is the best you can get on a weekend. The higher ups get the cushy Monday-Friday gigs. But, he evidently did accept a return call Monday.

But if he was still looking for a white man to talk to come Monday, well, he was gonna be doubly disappointed.


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