Do y’all ever get customers that seem to call in with the sole purpose of arguing with someone?


So I work for a bank call center and this call literally gave me a headache lol

Me: me
Al: annoying lady

Al: I haven’t been getting mail from you guys so I want to see what address you have on file.

Me: Sure I’d be happy to confirm the address for you. So what should the address be?

Al: No you misunderstood me. I want to know what address you have on file.

Me: Yes. For security purposes we can’t say what the address is. We can only confirm it.


Me:… you say what the address is and I tell you if that’s what we have.

Al: …..I just wanted to know what address I have on file…

Me: We are a financial institution. I can’t give you the address because it’s part of the information we use for authentication. I can only confirm it.

Al: I’m not asking you to tell me the address! Here it’s 1234!

Me: Okay what’s the rest of it?

Al: Why do you need the rest of it? If those first numbers aren’t right then I don’t need to give you the rest of the address.

Me: Ma’am I am not here to argue with you. I can confirm the whole address or none of it.

Al: *laughs* I’m not arguing with you! I just don’t see why you need the rest of it. The street is Imapain.

Me: What’s the city state and zip?

Al: …scoff….

Me: Here. Let me put you through to someone else.

*Cold transfers back to long queue of death*

Tldr: Stubborn lady stole my brain cells.


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