New hire already lying


My current position is essentially being a full time mentor to new hires. I don’t have a nicer way to put this but one of them seems to be a moron but I was optimistic that we can bring anyone up to speed with lots of extra coaching and I was up for the challenge. She just can’t seem to learn anything or remember instructions after countless times telling her the same thing. I really can’t figure out an approach to make her get it.

Today I found out that she lied to her supervisor and completely made up a story and said that I told her to log out from taking calls so that I could walk her through a task for over 40 minutes and in the middle that I took a break and told her to stay logged out until I came back. Her supervisor was furious and went directly to my supervisor. She must not have realized that all our conversations and calls in Microsoft teams are recorded. I’ve never encountered such stupidity. Her new nickname is Jussie Smollet. It’s my job to help her and was hoping to help her become a success story since I had a rough start myself, but now I just hope they let her go.


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I swore back at a customer today.

I didn’t pay attention and it’s your fault.