I didn’t pay attention and it’s your fault.


I work in a call centre. It’s a small-ish, family owned business, so we managers wear many hats.
I had a very upset customer phone in the other day.
It seems that she thought the contract that we had sorted out for them was costing an additional 47p a unit instead of saving them 6p per unit as promissed. I’m very confused.
After some digging & checking notes, they had said they were paying 17p a unit, we thought she was paying 70p a unit as we’d miss-heard them. They appreciate this is just human error.
The supplier would look at letting them go from their contract if they could provide call recordings showing this, and so they’d come to us for those call recordings. Not a problem, as we have all our recordingis for at least three months, often up to six months, before they’re written over. 99% of problems with recorings are resolved inside of two weeks, so this is way overkill.
The reason that this is such overkill is that we have to have a seperate verbal confirmation (including the new rates) to the customer which is archived off and forms the contract, we voulenterraly email a summary, with rates, to the customer, the supplier has to email rates to the customer, and the rates are on every (monthly) bill. Anyone paying even one iota of attention will know their rates.
We signed this customer eleven months. It had taken them over ten months to notice the error and thir error was going to cost them their business.
We don’t have these calls. We simply don’t. We only have the confirmation at this point.
I tried every which way with them, every loophole to get them out of the contract, only for the customer to explain why they can’t use these loopholes.
Apparently, they sob down the phone, I’m unwilling to help, this is all my fault and we misslead them. After they earlier said otherwise. Right.
I’m sorry, but if you’re ignoring three different safety nets, then not paying attention to your own bills, it’s hardly our fault. \* sigh \*


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