Just because your phone broke does not make you disabled!


So the other day I got a call from this douchebag who was too lazy to complete his unemployment application and he thought that I was gonna do it for him. Per policy, we are not allowed to assist NON DISABLED claimants over the phone. This is how the conversation went:

Him: Hi ma’am I was calling in to get assistance with an application? I heard that you guys can help over the phone

Me: That is true we do but under circumstances. If you are visually impaired, illiterate or physically incapable of completing the application… do you fit under any of those circumstances?

Him: No. My phone broke though so I can’t do it myself at the moment which is why I called.

Me: Unfortunately sir, since you are not disabled I can’t assist you with the application but you can visit your local library or career center and use one of their computers to login and complete your application.

Him: Ma’am did you not hear me? My phone broke I can’t do this myself so I think that makes me physically incapable to do so.

Me: Sir that does not. As I stated before you can visit a library to complete your application. Can I assist you with anything else today?

Him: Yeah, why don’t you want to help me with my application ma’am? I just think you don’t want to do your damn job!

Me: Sir I’ve explained the policy to you. You are not considered disabled therefore I can not assist you over the phone. Please visit your local library to access a computer to login and do your application.

Him: Yeah you don’t want to do your job. There has been plenty of people in the past that helped me so why the fuck won’t you help me!!!!

Me: They probably assisted you as a one time courtesy sir. Policy states we can not assist non disabled claimants sir I’m sorry.

Him: Stupid bitch!!!!

Me: Thank you for calling and have a great day! 😊

Entitled dumb ass 🙄


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