Guess what her name is…..


Just got off the phone with a lady pissed off as all hell because she can’t reach any county government offices today. I explained to her that it’s Saturday and they’re all closed. She told me that’s not a good enough answer and she wants to speak to a manager immediately. I contacted a supervisor, who said to tell her someone will get back to her within 24 hours, because no matter what her complaint is, the county offices will still be closed for the weekend. When I relayed this to the caller, she started cursing at me and telling me “And i’m going to say whatever i want to you, because you’re not allowed to fucking hang up on me!”. My answer was “Yes I am” and I hung up. Felt great! And of course, her name was……. KAREN!


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I shouldn’t have to do anything!

Just because your phone broke does not make you disabled!