I want to cancel a number but I don’t know what number is it


cx: I want to cancel a number

me: Got it! No worries, I can definitely assist you with that. Is this number (xxx) connected under your account the one you want to cancel?

cx: no, that’s my phone number

me: I see, can you kindly provide me the phone number that you want to cancel? An account number works as well if you don’t remember the phone number. Just to let you know, both of those is also printed in your bill so it’ll help if you can get a hold of your bill

cx: I don’t have the phone number, account number, nor the bill

me: okay… I apologize, but it’s actually impossible for me to cancel a number until I’m able to pull it up first on my system

cx: you need to find a way for me to cancel the number!

The call ended with me telling them that they can call back once they have those information. They were very upset that I wasn’t able to help them 😀


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