I not only hate my current job, I’m now reconsidering being in this field at all


Y’all, I work in home and auto insurance. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, but this is my first call center position and I’ve been here almost 18 months now. We’ve got the normal crazy people, but the insurance industry as a whole is in chaos. There’s been crazy rate increases and underwriting guidelines have tightened way up. Basically, all hell has been breaking loose the last few months and the majority of callers are just…mean.

Today, Karen was removing a vehicle. She kept saying she was too busy and hanging up on us, so I was the 3rd rep she talked to. She asked the price to remove the vehicle, which would lower her premium to $273. She apparently wrote the amount down wrong and has gotten progressively more unstable each time she calls.

But she wrote it down! She *knows* that we told her $237! She will send me a pic of the note she made, that’ll prove it! I tell her a supervisor reviewed the call, and the first rep clearly said the correct amount. Karen tells me that we can say whatever we want and we must be lying to her, and we should honor the lower amount! Ya know, because she wrote it down.

She apparently thinks it’s more likely that 4 people are lying to her than she just made a mistake. She thinks that we should just…change her price. On car insurance. The industry *very* highly regulated on the state and federal level. Because she wrote down $237 instead of $273.

Also had a guy today furious that we would consider drafting his renewal pmt. He’s ranting and raving, how can you take my money without consent?! How is that even legal!!

Sir, you signed the form allowing us to draft your payment when you started your policy. We also emailed and texted you about the pmt in advance. This led to a 30 min call with him basically complaining about everything insurance related he could think of. Including all the details of that one time he had to get a lawyer for something claim related 10 years ago…

I’ve loved many of the years I’ve been in insurance and figured I’d continue for the rest of my working career, but with the state of insurance now? I do know that I’ve never been more miserable in a job. How to you get the motivation to update the resume and start the terrible process of job hunting when you’re so drained at the end of the day you can’t do anything?


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