“I’m starting to think that wasn’t his daughter”, or how I got a tradie busted for the Bad Kind of kid stuff


I work in a center that does hotels accommodations for Government or Gov. Contract stuff in North America. Think about where the folks who work inter-state buses, trains, and the like are gonna stay each night.

This particular caller was a hotel, wanting to make changes to a room charge. Not common, but not super unusual. Room damages, or maybe one of us just made a typo on the cost code… Pretty standard, super easy to fix.

Hotel Manager is a little peeved, because while we do have a contracted rate with the property per night, it’s done by the number of heads in the room. One guy costs X, two guys costs Y- So it goes. Turns out this One Lone Driver stayed his allotted 48 hours in a room, but had his.. erm.. ‘daughter’ with him.Manager says the girl was somewhere between a mature 12 and an immature 15, and her ‘father’ checked out this morning… Without his ‘daughter’.

The ‘daughter’ loitered in the hotel foyer for a solid half hour before leaving in the car of some other bloke well after the tradie had gone on his way.

Any of you fine folks seeing the red flags I’m seeing with this?

I immediately pull my supervisor, who pulls his supervisor, and HER supervisor into this situation.
\[Edited to add: It occurs to me after the fact to add; here is where I no longer have the call, my boss and his boss/bosses do. Everything following is what I found out from them and curious poking around\]

Contact local police to try and get them looped in, contact the tradie’s manager to see if we can get more info on other stays in the route and the fellows family situation (Hey, could be the dudes ex and daughter live in that area, best to make sure, right?).

As far as we know for sure, Old Boy brought a local minor to his hotel room for the night. Police intercepted him en route to his next stay. Definitely got fired. As for legal action, I know the transcript and recording from that call are gone from my access, so I’m assuming there’s something happening there. As there should be.
As there F\*CKING should be!


What do you think?

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