If you know my job better than me why are you calling?


Why do customers insist they know our jobs better than us?

The other day I had to keep myself from rage quitting one of my CC jobs because not once not twice but five times.

I had someone call in.

My perception after the fact don’t at me I’m venting:

Cx “Wahh my package says delivered and isn’t here.”

Me: okay I’m sorry to hear that (does security rigamarole) give me a few seconds to check your tracking to see what’s going on.


me: (sigh)

(4 out of the 5 time)

Me: I understand, I just want to verify a couple things so I can assist with the best resolution

CX: which is getting me my package.

Me (sighs while still pullibg up tracking.) Sir/Ma’am it says the second package for your missing item is still on its way to be delivered today on a separate truck.

CX: oh um thank you but it said…

Me: (like talking to a 5 year old) Yes it does say that for one of your trackings which is why I wanted to verify your trackings. Anything else I can help with.

By the fifth time I was absolutely done with this bullshit and frankly she was extremely mean.

CX number 5: You don’t need to check my tracking I already told you it says delivered and the boxes delivered clearly could only fit one item in them each I’m missing 3 items.

Me: okay well if I’m not checking tracking and as you said it already says delivered then you need to dispute with your bank as items not delivered.

CX: Why would I do that this is your fault not my banks.

Me: your bank has built In protections for items not received and a ton of weight to throw around to force a 3rd party company like UpS or FedEx to figure out where the missing packages they marked as delivered.
In terms of our company we gave the product to a trusted person of their craft and they said they finished the job.

CX: But they didn’t so it’s your fault.

Me: They are a third party company we don’t have control over them

CX: but you hired them so it’s your fault.

Me: by that logic it is your fault because you “hired” is.

CX: Silence

Me: May I check the tracking to see if this is really anyones fault?

CX: still silent.

Me: There are still three boxes in transit which is why I wanted to check the tracking at the beginning.

CX: (clears throat) well you have to admit it’s confusing.

ME: I don’t believe it’s confusing to have 6 different tracking numbers for 6 different items and being able to see that even in the carriers system they are linked and you can click between them from only ever entering one.

would you like me to show you?

CX: that’s not my job

ME: I know,it’s mine and it would have been nice if you let me do it from the begging like I wanted to.

I then sent her to the demolish of a survey I am about to get. Turned off my computer despite the remaining of my 7 hour shift and told myself if I quit I will quit another day not in a rage because I was pissed off at a crappy customer who felt she knew my job more than me.


What do you think?

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