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Hey guys. I work at a 3rd party travel account so I normally get calls about wanting to change or cancel hotel reservations.

Last week, I got this call from a very angry customer because apparently his son accidentally booked a hotel in the wrong location and he’s looking to cancel and get his money back, (around $100). Now being 3rd party, we list the hotel but we follow their policy. This particular hotel has a non-refundable policy so we’d have to ask them if they’d agree to cancel and refund. We cannot break this as it’s the hotel’s rules.

So we explained this to this cx who refuses to listen, screams to get my supervisor on the line, and keeps threatening to call corporate (like that would do anything). We finally told him to try to call the hotel and ask because they might change their mind but he keeps screaming that the hotel already declined. At this point he’s screaming profanities at me so I dropped the call. Usual call center things.

I quickly checked if the hotel sent us anything about this guy and surprise surprise they reported him for harassing the staff thru phone call. Then they sent us a message that “NO REFUND AT ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”. They even directly messaged cx “Call all day every day any day any time we don’t care, REFUND IS DECLINED”. Guess they also got fed up at this cx’s attitude.

Like we know it’s a mistake but you’re asking a favor in behalf of the mistake, the least you could do is be kind to us then maybe there would be a chance to get what you want.

Anyway I checked his reservation again and he’s still calling several times a day, for a week now, still screaming at everyone.


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