What would you do? TW — child abuse


I had a call today in which a woman said she’d left her very expensive purse, containing thousands of dollars, in one of our offices in another state. I doubt her version of how expensive it was and how much it contained, but that’s beside the point. During the call, when I had my microphone on mute, I listened to her verbally and emotionally abuse her child — she called the child a “f\*\*king asshole,” a “worthless crybaby,” and said it was the child’s fault she left her purse behind because the child is a “little bitch.” She said all the child does is “cry all the f\*\*king time.” She blamed the child for the child being hungry and for her gas light coming on. This wasn’t just once — it went on for a good ten or more minutes. In public.

My question. I have the her name, phone number, email, city and state. I can tell them where she was this afternoon. I very much want to call child protective services because what I heard today was abuse — and if she does that in public, what does she do to the child at home?

This hits close to home because her words sounded very much like my father’s. I’m here to tell you that words hurt just as much as being hit — maybe even more.

What would you do?


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