Technically, true. But dear God


Hello This is OP with Emergency Roadside assistance company. Can we start by confirming youre in a safe location to wait for road service?

Customer: Yes, totally safe in the dollar stoe parking lot.

*continues verifcation, gets contact info and address and year make and model of vehicle*

And what is going on with your car today thst it needs a tow?
Customer: Oh, the engine is on fire

Me: the engine is, it still on fire?

Customer: of course. You guys can help with that right?

Me: No, you need to call the fire department first and then once it’s no longer on fire we can tow it. Wait , you’re not still in the vehicle, right?

Customer: No I’m sitting on the curb. I’ll call the firefighters and call you back (They did not call us back)

While yes, the family dollar parking lot is a safe location, maybe mention your gas engine is literally on fire. You’re definitely not safe and all the prerecordings say if it’s not safe to call 911


What do you think?

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