I know this isn´t the normal post but im dire needs


I hope this post is okay, im sorry if its not, but im in a very bad place and am looking for immediate employement, I had to quite my Job 4 months ago because they would not give time off after my brother passed away from a rare forum of cancer(sarcoma something, it was like mursa but in the resperatory system) im not trying to write a sob story, its just the truth. I know everyone has their tragedys, but I will be forever greatful if someone can point me in the right direction to find a good job, I´ve been applying on indeed and a few other sites. I´m the only bread winner for my wife and 1 year old daughter. I finally got a job but out of knowhere for no reason they just sent me an E-mail saying they will not be moving foward with the process. Any tips or Job openingsthat anyone has (Remote if possible)


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