BS complaint from a caller


So this actually happened to my sister who wfh in a customer support position. I wanted to share what happened in case anyone else experienced any complaints like this.

She was assisting a customer when a few minutes into the call, the line went silent, no response from the caller. She read them the usual script about calling back, noted the issue on the ticket, and went on to her next call. Same thing happened again on a couple more calls. She followed the same procedures, notified the chat, figured it was an issue with her headset and the software, so reset everything and it worked.

Later that day, she was notified that a customer made a complaint against her because they thought she was messing with them on purpose. Apparently the issue was with my sister’s headset or computer, because the software recorded the customer on the line talking while my sister read the script and obliviously talked over them. Now it looks bad for her because she has no proof that she couldn’t hear and she’s mortified that they would think she did it on purpose.

She’s not getting fired because of her usual performance, but she feels like shit and this is still going on her record. Now she’s the paranoid one, afraid that this will happen again if a caller disconnects or has any tech issues while working. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?


Thanks everyone for sharing your advice and experiences. She did notify her supervisors about the sound issues when they happened. Unfortunately, they don’t have any IT people that they report things to unless it is a problem with the software. She’s responsible for purchasing and maintaining her own equipment, so if it malfunctions, she’s SOL and has to log out of work if it takes more than a few minutes to fix. So apparently they don’t have much of a way to deal with issues that arise during work hours without it hurting their own productivity. Very unfair, IMO.


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