Positive stories from when me and my severe ADHD call customer service


I’ve been reading through and seeing a lot of negative calls so I thought I’d post my positive ones.

I have severe PTSD and chronic illness and am basically trapped at home. I really like people so sometimes (I have ADHD and I talk a lot) when I call customer service for something the person will talk to me for a long time like we’re friends. If they’re very obviously in a rush or speaking in a more mechanical way I sum things up as fast as I can.

**Story 1** I called a very famous company’s customer service line because one of my tech items caught on fire. (It’s complicated.) I guess he just seemed incredibly amused that I wasn’t angry, also that I threw it in my sink and was still unsure if another fire would happen.

He helped me with a bunch of tech questions, and then because I noticed his accent we literally had a full conversation about the difference in UK vs American movies. He wasn’t using a “customer service voice,” didn’t say anything weird or inappropriate, just genuinely seemed to be as interested in movies as I am. He also laughed when I said “Do you guys fully accept Chris Hemsworth as your president??”

**Story 2** I called a small business about a supplement. The man who answered said he really liked my name, because he just had a baby, and had it been a girl they were going to name her that. I was worried that I was going to have a freak reaction to the supplement (this tends to happen to me with my health issues) so he literally told me the secret ingredient, which I will fully be taking to my grave. He also was not rushed and told me misconceptions and facts about where he was from.

**Story 3** A guy definitely seemed to be working at a higher speed. My charger cord broke so I asked if it was under warranty. The conversation was maybe 30 seconds before he told me what to do to get a replacement. I said, “Thank you, that was easy!” And he cheerfully said “It was!” Which made me feel bad for him, because it was such an easy call and he must get called by angry people.

**Story 4** Called a clothing store (can you tell I shop online?) This was around the holidays and the woman sounded a bit gruff/irritated. I wondered why and that led into me learning about her husband’s job and also that people call and yell at her all day. She was nice.

I’m a woman in my 20’s, to give context. I feel like if I were like, a 60 year old man this post would be a different vibe.

Anyway, I definitely talk too much. I don’t like people who yell at customer service. Okay, that’s all.


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