Changed companies and the customers are so different


I changed from inbound sales for a phone network company, to customer service for an online savings bank.

The majority of the customers are born 1930-1950s, I guess because they’re more likely to have money to save.

We have a system that mimics logging into their online account, so I can see what they can, and go through step by step. The only difference is I can’t complete it at the very end, so I can’t make changes to their accounts.

About half my calls are just talking customers through doing basic things on our website and helping them log in.

Sometimes this takes a long time when I have to describe where each button is that they need to click. Most customers are surprisingly patient, they just need some reasuring that yes computers are difficult for them, but we will get there together.

Honestly I am loving these types of calls. I’m used to stressful go go go of sales, and the pressure of needing them to buy things for my sales stats.

With these I can just lay back, go with the flow, I don’t rush them at all. It’s me and the customer verses the scary computer.

Afterwards most customers are so happy and relieved that they managed to do it, and there’s a sense of accomplishment for both of us.

Sure it sounds boring, but I can just watch the birds outside and drink tea while I wait.


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