How hard is it to check your status online?


I work for a utility company. For a call center. I understand if everyone switches to the online service or the app then there’ll be less need for me to be employed. However so many people I’ve talked to just aren’t willing to use the app or the online service on a regular basis.

I understand too that many people who weren’t born with or grew up with using such technology is just can’t comprehend it, or simply refuse to comprehend it. They are the people who will call to complain that their power is shut off due to the mail didn’t deliver their check yet. And each time I tell them if they wish they can at least call us to make a payment over the phone. But they don’t want to pay $1 for the fee. We advise them of autopay. They don’t want to do that either for whatever reason. Which I get that, just why is it you wish to yell at the people you owe money to because you choose to still use the oldest and slowest method of payment to pay your bills through the postal service?

Your math of A+b does not equal C


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Keeping people on general/tier 1/etc lines just to get them to quit, get fired or burnout.

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