Does anyone work in the Veterinary Industry?


I work for several Vet Practices. I am basically Admin.I work from a seperate building. Sometimes home using call centre software. We are not in the practice.. We only deal with calls. I take notes for Vets on behalf of clients, Organises call backs, book appointments, triage emergencies, order medication and do my best to answer questions (We do have notes or have to ask the Vets before giving advice)

Look, it’s a stressful industry. Deals with heavy things. Honestly, they are probably just concerned people stressed about their furry friends. So honestly take what I saw with a grain of salt. No hard feelings.

For some reason medications seems to alway be the most difficult thing to help people with. The sheer amount of people that need medication now and by now I mean in like 5 mins time. legally we need to see the pet within 6 months, The Dr needs to approve and make it up. Sometimes we need to order it in. On the bottom of all prescriptions at at the time of receiving we state we need a minimum of 48 hours notice. But no, I get yelled out for your poor planning. I just find people get the most agitated and difficult around prescriptions and medications – if the medication is keeping th pet alive then we do have arrangements in place to sort this ASAP. But for other things, it is okay to wait.

The amount of people that need me to basically plan out the full route to the practice with written directions for them is crazy!! Can we not place the address in the GPS/Google Maps? I am happy to give you landmarks near by ect. but when I have to go over the full route, and which way do you turn off the highway, what exit at the round about do you take from this street if I am coming from this town. The get mad at me and request to speak to someone else?!!!!!

Lastly, calling for advice. Not an issue, we all get worried about our pets. Sometimes people call up with alarming situations and I of course organise an appointment or triage the emergency and ask them to come in ASAP. But it seems they will ask every question under the sun and are just not willing to come in. It could be because little Bella gets stressed in the Car or they have another appt ect. ect. Well I would rather my dog be stressed for a 10 min car ride then dead from the 2 pounds of chocolate she just ate so idk. I mean kids soccer can wait too, your dog is literally seizing uncontrolabbly. I am sure coach wont mind if the kid is 5 mins late so you can drop the Dog down. Yes, I understand vet care is crazy expensive, I do. I am embarrassed to relay amounts over the phone sometimes. But it’s not on me. It is not subsidised like human med is. There truly is just not a lot you can do at home sometimes


I would love to hear your Vet med call centre/admin type experiences or grivences


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