This Guy Literally Survived Final Destination!!!!


Well… a minor version of it. So, we all know that all Millennials have trauma from that fucking logging truck from Final Destination 2, right? Even if we’ve only seen random clips from different Final Destination movies, all Millennials know the damn logging truck.

I had a guy call in and this was his story: “So, I was driving down the interstate yesterday, and from one of the cars ahead of me, I saw this massive two-by-four just fly out of the back, I changed lanes to try to avoid it, and another truck also changes lanes, hits the two-by-four as it’s flying, and changes its angle so that it flies right into me. Would that be covered by my policy?”

I had to take a moment, I was just in stunned awe, and I finally told him: “Sir, I think you survived the start of Final Destination 2!” He was also a Millennial, so he got the joke.


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