A Compilation of Responses by Yours Truly, Part 2


This is a continuation of an older post I made, updated with more recent interactions I have had.

There comes a point for some people where they get so fed up with customers that they stop caring anymore. I have reached that point recently. Problem for them is, I’m an Agent in Charge. I’m your overnight supervisor if you choose to complain. So, here is a compilation of some of my interactions between me and callers. Important context, I work in hotel reservations.


“Do you work for Hotel Chain Name?”

“Sure do, that’s why I’m on this line.”


\*This call took place at 1:00 AM\*

“Hello this is JuliusNova, how can I help you?”

“Hi, how are you doing tonight?”

“Doing alright.”

“Working hard?”

“Sure thing.”

“How’s the weather?”




“I ran into a glitch, I’m trying to book a stay through the wedding website but the rep I talked to earlier said the hotel was closed until June. Is that normal? Are they holding an event or something?”

“Like a wedding?”


“I need you to come to my room and kill this roach!”

(I’m in my crappy apartment thousands of miles away): “I have one too, maybe they can be friends. Anything else I can help with?”


Sitting at home, listening to an agent blab on about a prank caller that they should have just sent an email report about.

“And then he told me to blah blah blah and–”

\*Outside my apartment and I mean OUTSIDE my apartment, BLAM… BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM, about 10 gunshots\*

“– and he told me to take off my shoes –”

“Uh, yeah, call you right back, I’m going through a tunnel.”

\*Hang up the line and I leave to lock my door\*


“There’s no one here to check us in to this hotel, and we have another hotel booked. What do you expect us to do?!”
“Check in at the other hotel, presumably.”
(I really couldn’t tell what this lady’s problem was, she fixed the issue on her own so why were we still talking?)


“It’s so nice to talk to someone here in the States, I can actually understand what they’re saying!”
“I get that a lot.”
“… We’re not racist.”
“… I get that a lot.”


A guy is calling in trying to immediately escalate to a supervisor. I was on the phones that night acting as the primary’s backup.

\*Ring ring\*
“Hi, this is JuliusNova, how can I help you?”
“Connect me to a supervisor!”
“May I ask who I am speaking to?”
“Connect me to a f\*\*\*ing supervisor!”
“May I ask who I am speaking to?”
“You motherf\*\*\*\*er, connect me NOW!”
“Well, as it appears I am unable to help you, I will be terminating this call”

And then the primary for the night goes to break, which means I have just been promoted to Supervisor for the next 15 minutes! I write down the guy’s phone #.

\*Ring ring\* (It him)
“Hi, this is JuliusNova, how can I help?”

\*Ring ring\* (It also him)
“Hi, it’s still JuliusNova, can I help you now?”

\*Ring ring\* (It still be him)
“JuliusNova, would you like to try again?”
“Aaaalrighty, one second.”
“Hi, this is JuliusNova, let’s start with First Name Last Name.”

(This is how you know this story is real, he was angry that he had to complete a captcha on his shiny member app)


Back when I wasn’t an Agent in Charge:

I had a guest who refused to verify their shiny account, the usual rigmarole.
“I cannot use this account until you verify the address on file.”
“You know what? Get me your f\*cking supervisor.”

I call up my lead line and explain the situation. Here’s their shiny account. “Alright, send them through.”

I transfer them over and sit in on the call.

“Before we can make a reservation I need to verify some account details with you.”
“Are you serious?!”
“I cannot access the account until you’ve verified the credentials.”
“Okay fine, let’s just waste everyone’s time then!”
“Sounds like a plan.”


“Get me your manager!”
“Hiiii Chaaaad\~”
“What?! I haven’t told you my name!”
“You’ve been calling our number for the past week straight and immediately requesting a manager and insulting our agents. I would remember you.”
“F\*\*\* off”

\*Ring ring\*
“This is Berry, I need to speak to a manager”
“Hello Chaaaaad\~”
“\[Racial Slurs\]”

(He kept changing his number every time we blocked it so he could continue harassing us. He had a ticket with our Customer Relations department but he wanted a solution NOW.)


That’s it for now, but I have been promoted to a Resolutions Lead as of 3 days ago, so certainly I’m going to have more of these to post.


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