The caller heard me cuss


Oh God… so today I took a call and I got a call from this guy who was irritated because he hasn’t received his unemployment benefits due to an issue on his account that needs to be determined. I informed the caller that the issue needs to be determined by someone from the adjudication department and he needs to continue to allow time (he calls in everyday about the same thing, we give him the same answer so what did he think was gonna change today?) he got upset and said that this issue has been going on for a while and someone needs to make a determination; he wanted to know when will the issue be handled and determined. I let him know that unfortunately we don’t have a time frame as to when the issue will be handled but he needs to continue to allow time and call us back in 2 weeks for further updates. He got even MORE upset and said that now he wants to get a lawyer involved because he felt that we are bullshitting him and playing with his money. I told him that he has the right to get an attorney if he wishes… he continued to yell and scream at me about the benefits and I could’ve SWORE I put myself on mute and under my breath I said “What the fuck” he heard me and said “What the fuck to you too bitch! This is a recorded line I heard that!” I was so upset that I hung up on him. Now I’m afraid that QA will hear the call and I will get in trouble… fuck me 🤦🏾‍♀️


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