AT&T accidentally hung up a call


Yo I know this is for tales and so but if anyone else works at AT&T you will understand.

So the line of business I work for is quite strict with certain behaviors, I was saying my closing to my last customer and as I was about to log myself out (since my shift was over), I am not sure if I called back a number or hung up on someone. I panicked and pressed the hang up button. Heard the ringing but my opening didn’t play so I thought it would be ok to press the log out bitten and it got stuck, so I was in a limbo, couldn’t even retrieve the number for calling back, now I’m afraid I may lose my job lol. Anyone with a similar experience has gotten fired by something like this?


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  1. How close are you with your supervisor? Talk to them and tell them what happened. I’ve done the same thing and they can speak to it if they know about it, granted there isn’t a histoof that sort of thing on your part and you on the regular do your job and aren’t a troublemaker, which sounds like you are not if you are worried about this instance.

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