This job is killing me!


I have always worked in face to face type customer service rolls and 4 months(almost) ago i got a job in a insurance inbound call centre dealing with motor and home insurance.
The training felt thorough and when i got on the phone by myself i did feel confident.
Fast forward to now. I am really struggling with my depression. Worse than ever. My anxiety is crippling and i just can not see myself being able to take being abused or talked to like this multiple times a day every week.
I’m seriously about to go see if i need to be medicated again.
My TL seems nice enough but there is no support from her. The only time i hear from her is when ive had to go to the bathroom and i get a “hey is everything okay” message…like, yeah im fine i gotta go pee…
Not to mention if a customer wants to schedule a call back WE as consulatants have to call them back and get re-abused as TL dont do the call backs unless they think they should.
Im over it. Is this normal. My mental health i think should mean more than this job but i also cant find nothing right now which scares me.

Rant over thank you lol


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