The company I work for is absolutely ridiculous. We had around 100 total reps, and 15 of them were just fired the other day.

Luckily for me (or not lucky) I was chosen to stay. We all got pulled into different meeting group times with the call center director who told us what was happening.

Apparently, according to them, our business has been slowling down a ton and is projected to be even slower.

I call bs. Why do I take average 60 8 min calls a day then? Why is it that since the layoffs, it has been back to back calls every day starting at noon through 530 pm???!?

And this came after already firing about 10 other people who were avoiding calls ect which I totally understand that. But why fire another 15 then?

Ya’ll this is so fucking wild. The rest of this year is gonna be hellish.


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