When a Customer Insulted my Intelligence


I was working from home for a call center at a health insurance company assisting Medicaid members (I will not name the company or specific program name for privacy reasons) where we got a lot of calls from drug addicts, low-income and homeless people. Now don’t get me wrong, I have empathy for such people, but not when they’re a\*sholes.

The second I picked up the phone, before I could even get through the greeting we’re supposed to say, he immediately said, “Do you need my ID number?!” You know they’re gonna be trouble when they cut you off and immediately launch into that question in that tone of voice.

“Yes, I can take your ID number.” I take it down and gives it to me and immediately explains that he’s been constantly trying to get transferred to another department but he keeps getting disconnected, which I understand is frustrating.

I verify his full name, which we have to do, and then I ask him about his callback number, which he seemed to think was stupid of me to ask, even though it’s not, because we could get disconnected when I attempt to transfer.

“Well you’re not gonna need that if you’re just gonna transfer me, huh, you f\*ckin idiot!”

“Sir, it’s a question we have to aks every time.”

“Well it’s completely moot, since you’re just transferring, you f\*ckin idiot! Of course that’s probably why you work in a call center! F\*ckin idiot!”

“Sir, if you continue to be abusive, I will have to end this call!” I definitely raised my voice at him.

“Well why don’t you just hang up since you’re such a f\*ckin genius!”

“OK. Good luck to you, sir.” And then I hung up honestly hoping that he whatever his issues was, it never got resolved. I could’ve easily assisted him and even gave him the number of the department he needed transferring to in case a disconnection happened, but he had to make things difficult.

I noted what I did in the system and explained how the caller was incredibly and gave specifics on the insults he had thrown at me. I never got in any trouble for it.

I left that job shortly thereafter (although that was mainly for medical reasons) and have promised myself I will never work in a call center ever again. The sh\*tty pay and benefits are NOT worth my self esteem.


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