Wait! What Did I Just Hear?


This happened in the ’90s. Three hundred seat call center. Calling people to get them to keep or switch to AT&T long distance. I was the program manager on this particular campaign and was sitting in a call station going electronically from one rep to another listing to calls for quality assurance. Everything’s going fine until I get to one station and I hear a young woman’s voice say this:

“Ooohh. Yeah, baby. I’d suck your dick real good.”

WTF!!! I take off my headset and start casually walking the aisles to find the culprit. And there **he** is in the station that was on my call screen. Confused, I return to the monitoring station and listen some more. And there it is, more sex talk with a customer. And it sounds like a young woman. So, I stroll the aisles of calling stations again trying not to arouse suspicion. And, I confirm that it is a guy sitting in the numbered station I am monitoring.

I go to the Floor Manager and his assistant in their office and tell them my findings. I tell them something must be screwed up in the electronics. The manager and assistant both go to the monitoring station and listen in. They confirm that they hear the same sex talk and check out which station it’s coming from. Back in the office, they hem and haw around for a few minutes before one of them finally blurts out, “That’s our cross-dresser. Sometimes he comes into work dressed like a woman; sometimes dressed like a man.”

Well, I don’t care if he’s a he or she, he can’t be on my program talking dirty to customers. Get him or her out of here. They ended up firing the guy, not for being one way or another, but for the sex talk with customers. Who knows how long that was going on and if I hadn’t been monitoring, how long it would have continued?


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