You’re Outta Here!


This situation happened in the ’90s. I was a program manager for a large telemarketing firm. I was on the road constantly, so it was a pleasant surprise when the company located a call center in my community. I could actually spend more time at home. It was a small, inbound call center (88 seats, if I remember correctly) located in a shopping mall. A lot of the new employees were very young, some still in high school.

Everything was going great. The product we were supporting was cool, the center staff was fun to work with, and the client seemed pleased. One week, the client flew in a few of their people to see how the program was going. They were to stay over a couple of nights in a nearby hotel. On their first day in the call center, they were listening to the calls, talking to the reps, and just gathering information about how well we were doing. Along about 11:00 am, one of the client reps gathers up his stuff and disappears out the door rather abruptly. It seemed very unusual.

So, I ask what happened? As it turns out, the guy (probably 30 years old) had propositioned one of the 17-year-old girls working for us and had even given his hotel room key to her, expecting her to meet him for sex later that day. Instead, and to her credit, she went to the call center manager to complain. The ultimatum to the client was, get your guy out of here and on the next plane out or we will stop this program and never do business with you guys again. Boy, did they ever jump on that! He was out of there like a shot. Thing is, the airport was 40 miles away and I’m not sure how he ever got there. Nor did any of us care.


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