I did 300 cases yesterday but somehow I am dodging work


This is basically a malicious compliance story in the making, but I cannot post it there because there is no direct fallout. Please share my frustration with me, I don’t think anyone else understands.

Yesterday I worked hard. We do emails and calls and altogether I did 270 cases in 7 hours. For comparison, my colleagues don’t achieve even a third of that. I am not just the top performer, I am so far up that the second person down does 50% of what I do. This is not to toot my own horn, I am very proud of my stats and very concerned with my AHT, but to be very honest the divide is caused by my colleagues doing barely any work.

Then today I get an email from my TL that I am dodging work by not taking cases half an hour before I finish. Yes, I did nearly 300 cases yesterday but I am dodging work. I. Am. Pissed. Honestly, the tone of the email was accusatory even if he tried not to sound like that. But he did want to add that this couldn’t be a technical issue as “nobody else is having this issue.” Yeah, it’s not an issue. I worked hard and deserved to take it easy at the end of the day. The queue was all the way down in the 10s, how do you think that happened?

Of course I didn’t say anything malicious back. But if he thinks he will EVER see another day where I have 270 cases, he is sorely mistaken. That will never happen again. Any email I get will now sit for 5 minutes before I ever touch it. A spam email for little blue pills? Better look it over extra carefully to make sure there isn’t a product related query hidden in there! This way it should bring my total down to about 80 – 100 a day. Still better than some of my colleagues.

Don’t worry, I will not lose my job and bonuses over this. I will play exactly by the book. And they better like it.

Editing to add, my call centre is usually the chillest place to work ever, mostly because the TL leaves you alone. He has left me to do it like this for over a year and never complained. This email came a week after I raised an issue with him, that wasn’t even directly related to him, but I guess he didn’t like that I opened my mouth.


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