That’s what’s wrong with your company, you don’t pay attention.


I work for a utility company, have been for about 2 years now. I had the most pretentious person I’ve met talk to me about his bill he has with the company I work for. I say talk to me because it wasn’t a conversation. Every time I would answer his question and assist in what he was frustrated at he wouldn’t let me finish.

There were times in even if I said anything at all, even yes, no, or even breathed too hard he would yell at me and say things like “can I speak? Are you gonna let me talk?”

When he would let me get a word in he’d refute what I said. Then he delved into his life story and how he flunked out of high school and studied under some musician that performed at a past president’s inauguration. Then he would bring people up that I hadn’t heard of. He would ask me if I knew who they were, then would say “that’s why your company is so bad, people like you that don’t know anything.” When I tell him I hadn’t heard of them.

He was just complaining about his bill being past due and how we always send him a disconnection notice. After 10 minutes of this weird ego trip beratement I wanted to tell him in the most polite voice I can muster “my apologies for the inconvenience, however I would be remissed if I didn’t mention that if paid off the whole account balance every month the disconnection notice will stop, sir.”

Eventually he gave up and hung up. Man sometimes I hate my job. I wonder how unemployment office staff can keep their sanity.


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